Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ottawa County Commissioner

District 1

Kathy M Luthi




Kathy M Luthi, Ottawa County Commissioner, holds the First Commission District.  This district consists of 11 Townships and 1 City.  They are as follows:  Logan, Sherman, Chapman, Grant, Durham, Richland, Ottawa, Lincoln, Buckeye, and Bennington Townships, and Bennington City.  Commissioner Luthi has been county commissioner for the term of January 1991-January 1995, then appointed back to the position following the death of A.E. "Doc" Wesley, October 1996, finishing the term January 1999.  Commissioner Luthi then ran for office and fulfilled the position the terms of January 1999-January 2003, January 2003-January 2007, January 2007-January 2011, January 2011-January 2015, January 2015-current.  Commissioner Luthi and her husband Jerry, live in Ottawa Township.