Saturday, April 04, 2020

Listed below are the Ottawa County Polling Places for the upcoming 2018 National/State/Local Elections.

Bennington Fire/EMS Station- Voters who reside in Bennington City, Bennington, Buckeye, Lincoln, and Ottawa Townships.  

Courthouse Basement Meeting Room- Voters who reside in First, Second, Third Precincts of Minneapolis City, Blaine, Concord, Center, Garfield, and Fountain Townships.  

Culver United Methodist Church- Voters who reside in Culver City, and Culver Townships.

Wells Community Center- Voters who reside in Durham, Grant, Richland, Chapman, and Sherman Townships.    

Tescott UMC Fellowship Hall- Voters who reside in Tescott City, Henry and Morton Townships.  

Delphos Presbyterian Fellowship Hall- Voters who reside in Delphos City, Sheridan, Stanton, and Logan Townships.